What does home mean to you?

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The old house at 406 N 4th Street in Milan, MN has meant many things to many people. To Ole Moen, the man who built it over 100 years ago, it was a place to rest after long shifts at the grain elevator. To his wife, Hannah, it was a place to make her famous lefse, and prepare lunches for the schoolchildren next door.

Hannah & Ole sold the house in the 1960’s. In the years since, over 30 people have lived here: two young women who threw big dance parties in the 70s; a family of eight recent immigrants from Mexico; a group of young men who drank too much and got in trouble with the law; a single mother and her daughters, who painted the walls pink and green.

All brought with them their own complex histories, values, and ideas about how to make this house a home. And all left this place somehow changed. We now invite you to do the same.

What does home mean to you? Maybe it's something concrete, like a house, a person, a bridge, or a favorite spot along the river. Or maybe it's something less tangible, like the scent of an old family brownie recipe, or a feeling of unconditional belonging. Whatever it is, we hope you’ll consider sharing it with us.

Just as important, we hope you’ll take some time to consider the thoughts, stories, and images left by those who came here before you.

After this exhibit closes, your contribution will be used to envision a new housing plan that works for all of Milan's diverse community.